Become a Physical Therapist in the USA

A career in physical therapy industry requires a DPT, MPT or a MSPT. Physiotherapy can be a very rewarding career, as it involves improving the quality of life for patients. The average pay for PTs is $86,000 a year. Demand for physical therapists is expected to increase by 39% from 2013 to 2020. It is one of the 30 fastest growing jobs.

University of Texas Medical Branch

A DPT program at the UTMB requires students to complete a baccalaureate degree and a number of prerequisite courses. Students need 31 credit hours in Mathematics and Natural Sciences and 6 hours of Behavorial Sciences.


Pros & Cons

 There are several pros and cons of becoming a Physical Therapist Assistant. Some pros include, a high level of education, excellent job opportunities, working in a industry that helps people and it offers excellent salaries. It is also easy to find part-time work if you need more time to devote to family or other activities. There is a downside to this job. It involves an extended time required for completion of degree and there is a high cost for the education. It also leaves little opportunity for career changes in future. This profession requires physical work needing a level of physical fitness. This job is very rewarding but may involve excessive paperwork responsibilities.

Working & Living in USA

 The United States has the largest national economy in this world and offers many great career opportunities. Living and working in “Land of the Free” requires a visa for all foreigners. Visa’s on average take around 30 days from time of application. It could take less time than that but has been known to take longer. Working and living in the U.S. offer many opportunities to learn about Americans and their way of life. A degree in PT will allow you to work almost anywhere, where a physiotherapist is needed.

Generac 6022 Review

Generac is well known by now for its line of portable generators. The company has gone beyond that product line and put out a series of pressure washers. Several of them are worth a look and the Generac 6022 leads that list because of its great price-value ratio.

Pressure Rating – 2,700 PSI

At first glance a pressure washer doesn’t look much like a portable generator, and that’s certainly true of the Generac 6022. Yet, there’s a functional similarity. To a central engine the pressure washer adds a control valve and a hose that can transform that motive power into a high-pressure stream. In this case, that means 2.3 GPM (gallons per minute) delivered at the robust pressure of 2,700 PSI (pounds per square inch).

Not sure what those numbers mean in practice? Well, for comparison, the average garden hose shoots water at 30-40 PSI. Even with a special high-pressure nozzle you’ll get at most around 250 PSI. For a less technical explanation consider that, of the many safety precautions Generac recommends, the foremost one is: don’t put your hand in front of the nozzle. They politely don’t mention that doing so would result in a serious wound.

For a less gruesome picture of the capabilities of this device, observe that you can clean car tires but have to keep the hose at least six inches away from the sidewall. Or, think about its ability to remove even dried deck stain off a concrete patio, as I’ve done. That’s the power of the 6022 in practice.

196cc OHV Engine

The 6022 can supply that kind of pressure because it’s powered by a 196cc OHV gasoline engine. The tank holds 3.6 quarts, or just short of a gallon. The company has applied its expertise from the portable generator line to implement an engine that’s plenty durable for everyday use. It’s not the equal of professional units, but those big guys cost many times more.

The 6022 has no electric start ability but the manual start isn’t at all difficult, even for those with minimal upper body strength. The engine sits in a welded steel tubular frame that provides a strong ‘cage’. A pair of 10-inch solid tires on the rear provide for easy movement around the house.

I’m not thrilled with one aspect of the otherwise-fine design: there is an oil sensor in the engine that will shut the unit off if it is tipped over. On the whole that’s a good thing. You really don’t want the thing to keep running if you happen to yank the pressure washer on to its side. But it’s a little more sensitive to angle than I would prefer.

There is near-zero risk of damage to the engine or other parts simply by being less than vertical. Imagine, for example, you’re spritzing the house as the washer sits on a fairly steep driveway. Generac could still incorporate the shutoff feature while reducing the annoyance factor by making the sensor a little less sensitive.

On the other hand, the low oil automatic shutdown is a welcome feature that’s well implemented. Just as with a car or portable generator, you definitely don’t want your engine to keep running if for any reason the oil goes low. It only requires 20 oz to fill so it wouldn’t take long to run the tank dry if something went wrong. When the 6022 senses that condition it shuts down to avoid damage to the engine.

25-Foot PVC Hose

The hose matches the engine in quality and function, both in pros and cons. The 25-foot tube is made of really stern stuff, a relatively stiff PVC plastic that’s tough but flexible and durable. This thing won’t crack or rip just from normal use.

However, it is a bit close to the muffler so it’s a little too easy to burn it if you pull it to the wrong angle. Also, it can crimp even if you avoid the muffler and move too far sideways the other direction. That said, it’s strong and – used properly – will stand up to years of hard use.

It couldn’t be easier to use, that’s for sure. The wand sits in a well designed holder and the hose can be wound up onto an amply-sized hook. The long tubing is flexible enough and the brass quick-change wand connector will accept a number of helpful add-ons, like a telescoping extension and different nozzles. Four of the latter are included with the washer.

The pressure is adjustable via an easy-to-turn valve on the top of the engine cowling. Still, it would be nice if there were a similar control on the wand or gun itself. The other major controls are on a panel conveniently near the handle you grip to move the unit.

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3/4-Gallon Detergent Tank

The 6022 will often do a fine job just by shooting water at high pressure, of course. But, for those stubborn compounds – long-standing dirt on the siding, oil on the garage floor, deck stains, and more – this unit also sports a soap dispenser feature. The company describes it as a “chemical tank” but don’t be misled. It’s not intended for use with harsh cleansing compounds such as those, for example, intended to rinse off greasy automotive parts.

Karcher sells a 12-pack of concentrated detergent SoapPac units that work just fine with the Generac 6022. They are a bit pricey if used often but Karcher also offers a 1-gallon jug concentrate that dilutes to 20-gallons of soap. The compound is similar to ordinary liquid detergent you might use in the kitchen on the dishes. Similar, but not exactly the same.

Ordinary liquid detergent is not recommended for use in a pressure washer. Among other things, pressure washer soap is much more concentrated as it’s intended to go through a rapidly moving stream. Also, liquid dishwashing soap is designed for use with water that will typically be much warmer. Finally, the soap in the packs is geared to work on all kinds of material: wooden fences, plastic lawn furniture, concrete, and so on.

A Word of Caution

One word of caution about the Generac 6022. While it fully deserves all the positive reviews you’ll find on Amazon and other sites, you’ll also notice it has a number of highly negative ones. The company has recently (as of this writing) produced several lemons. Units that are dead on arrival or that break down after only a couple of hours (or minutes) of use are not unknown.

If you purchase a Generac 6022 make sure you buy from a source that will accept a return without huge expense or hassle. No one wants to buy a brand new pressure washer only to have to take it to a service center right away.


The Generac 6022 review is a fine residential gas powered pressure washer. It takes advantage of the company’s experience in portable generators, offering a durable and well-built engine that produces robust pressure. The soap dispenser is handy. However, several real-world buyers reporting unreliable units are reason for caution when purchasing.

Note that this model is not CARB-compliant. If you live in California you should look for the CARB-compliant version of this pressure washer – the Generac 6023.

Simpson PS 3228-S Pressure Washer Review

If you are considering buying the Simpson PS3228-S Powershot 3200 PSI Gas Pressure Washer you are probably someone who has a large amount of area to clean and want to do it fast ,not sitting around for a puny electric pressure washer to clean 1 square foot per hour.That’s why today I’m doing this pressure washer review, to give you a better understanding of why you might want this machine and if its for you.

 This is a borderline commercial pressure washer.So be sure you really need it as it doesn’t come cheap.There isn’t many stains this cant remove.I believe at this price range you should be looking to increase the gallons per minute or G.P.M and not the P.S.I. as anything over 3,000 P.S.I will have to be extremely stubborn to avoid this amount of power.

The high G.P.M is what really makes cleaning fast on the Powershot and is the real factor to look at to determine how efficiently you can clean something ,where as the with the high P.S.I you need to make sure you don’t damage anything you are cleaning.Once you get over 3,000 P.S.I there isn’t many stains that can resist this much pressure

 Having said that, if you don’t mind spending this amount of money on a pressure washer you will be getting a seriously strong and reliable machine, I would say unless you are doing this professionally there is not much more you need than this and that says a lot about the price.Your getting a ton of power for a really good price.

What do you need to know:

Firsts things first, this washer pumps out 3,200 P.S.I of water at 2.8 G.P.M to give you 8,960 cleaning power units. I have not researched all the machines on the market today but I’m going to say that its the highest C.P.U anywhere near this price range.


The most important point about this washer is the Honda engine.Ever since I went on a motorbike trip a few years ago using a Honda I got to know just how much of a workhorse they are…… This engine will live longer than any other part on the pressure washer, which is good because its also the most expensive part .That’s doesn’t mean they don’t need to be taken care of.This is not an electric motor ,it still needs a little bit of love now and again to ensure you get to use it season after season.Properly taken care of there is no reason this engine should not last over a decade.

Like a lot of engines like this they won’t come with much oil inside them when you first get it.So you’ll need to make sure you top it up before turning it on.Whenever doing this always pour in slowly as sometimes when they get near the top the drain is very small and can over flow onto the ground very quickly.

Also in the instructions they mention to ALWAYS hold the trigger on when starting the machine to let any air out that is stuck inside the pump.This is to make sure it doesn’t get damaged.Also you should never turn any pressure washer on if there is no water going to the pump.

Pulling the cord on this engine is really easy.You don’t need to be a strong man to yank it.Very often the first pull should start the engine right up.

Also on this engine is an oil alert, another one of the many fail safes to ensure you have a long happy life with the washer.

The Pump

The pump on the Simpson is a Triplex design.This is one of the cheapest pressure washers you can get your hands on that comes with a triplex pump.These are more reliable and long lasting than a regular axial pump.The main reason is the general design of the pump but also here you have a thermal relief that will knock the pump off if the water gets too warm inside.If it was to get too warm the heat would damage the pump.

Does that mean its fine to leave your pump running for 10 minutes without water passing through it ? NO ,it certainly doesn’t, however it does give you extra piece of mind if you were to forget.

Also the heat control can be attributed to the use of ceramics inside the pump.Just like the ceramics that are used on a sports cars brakes to reduce heat, well the same principle is applied here.I’m not 100% sure on this but the pump alone on this washer costs upwards of $300.

Another point to remember is these pumps are repair friendly.Very often you can find someone to repair one of these as opposed to an axial pump where the costs to repair are in line with the price of a whole new machine.

Watch this to give you an idea of how quickly it can clean and also how quiet the Honda engine is.

Operating the Pressure washer

With the way they have designed the frame it means its very stable but also means its a little on the low side for people over 6 foot. However it should still be easy to move around as it comes with proper air filled 10 inch tyres. No cheap plastics here ! I’m 6 foot and I found bending over to lift it onto its wheels a little annoying but after a while you get to know how far the hose can reach and where to park the washer.

When you move the unit, especially if its been on for a few minutes be careful none of the tips have not fallen out.I found that one of them had vibrated itself loose from its holder near the handle.Speaking of tips, you get five tips included ranging from pencil thin to remove ingrained stains up to wide rinsing tips that are mostly used to rinse.

The hose is 25 feet long, unfortunately its not rubber.It would have been nice to get a rubber hose at this price but the hose is still a higher quality than what you normally get with an electric pressure washer.On the hose itself are brass connections so they can stand up to more punishment than regular plastic quick connectors.

With all gas driven pressure washers there is a problem where the hose may lean against the hot engine during use and melt a hole into the hose.When this happens its best to get a new hose.To remove this problem its best to use cable ties or tie wraps to keep the hose away from the engine and guide it along the frame.

Some things to be aware of.

There was a few mentions relating to a smell of gas coming from the box. Simpson has said this is as a result of testing back at the factory.

Also some people have mentioned when they needed servicing it was very difficult to find a service center willing to do work on it. Its worth while remembering that very often small engine mechanics are able to fix these washers also.

“By far the best pressure washer I’ve ever owned for money.”

jerm | 7 reviewers made a similar statement

“They put numbers on the machine at all the key places referenced in the quick start guide to make starting easy. ”

Bob | 4 reviewers made a similar statement

“This unit comes with oil in the pump, but not in the engine. ”

Bruce F. | 2 reviewers made a similar statement


Is this pressure washer for everybody ? No probably not ,with the added maintenance of a gas engine and the price ,it will probably turn many people away and that’s fine because this gas pressure pressure isn’t made for everybody.

If you have a large area that needs cleaning regularly and you want to do it quickly with the least amount of fuss and effort this is the machine for you.This machine will really eat through any dirt you can throw at it in record time.

Part of the reason for the high price is the top quality you get from the Honda engine.With all the features considered this is probably the cheapest washer you can find. The price is very good when you consider the quality of parts you’re getting.

When I bought this pressure washer it was with a $620 discount from Amazon , I bought it from Amazon because they were the cheapest and the quickest to deliver.

I often say to people to go half and half when buying one of these pricier washers. It’s not like you’re using it everyday and it really lowers your initial investment.You can split it between 2 or 4 people,its up to you.Just make sure everyone agree’s on how the machine should be operated.

Overall I doubt you’ll be able to find anything in a regular home this can’t remove.

If there is something I left out or you want to request a pressure washer review leave a comment below or contact me.

Thanks for reading.

Generac 6020 Review

This Generac 6020 review will give a closer look at the many benefits that will come when owning this pressure washer. A power washer is a useful tool that helps a person clean large surfaces in little time. It will save investing much physical effort into the project as well. A power washer will be able to clean a number of outdoor items with ease. It will save money from hiring an expensive professional service to visit the house and perform similar tasks.

Before making a purchase, it is essential to compare various products. Not every pressure washer is the same. Each person will have individual needs and expectations, so a person will need to understand features. This will help to determine which machine will be best. Here is a helpful Generac 6020 review.

PSI (Pounds Per Square Inch)

There are different features that must be examined when purchasing a pressure washer. For example, it is important to consider PSI. Pounds per square inch is the amount of power that is used to eliminate dirt and grime. This Generac 6020 review must include the fact that this unit produces 2500 PSI. This is a very respectable amount of power on a machine meant for residential use.


GPM, or gallons per minute, is the amount of water that is used while at a set pressure. This unit provides 2.3 GPM. This amount of GPM will make the cleaning task shorter.

Cleaning Units (Water pressure X Water Flow)

An important part of a Generac 6020 review is noting the amount of cleaning units. These units are measured by multiplying the water pressure by water flow. This number represents how effective the machine will be at getting rid of grime. This number will be an important thing to compare between different products. The higher the number, the more effective it will work. This Generac pressure washer will provide 5750 cleaning units. This high amount is a clear way to identify how effective it will be at getting rid of dirt from multiple surfaces.


This generator has an axial cam pump that is easy to access. This means that it will not be necessary to get onto the ground to make necessary hose connections.

Power Supply

An important thing to discuss in this Generac 6020 review is its power supply. A pressure washer will either run on gas or electricity. This unit runs on gasoline. This power supply offers numerous advantages. It will be convenient since it can be operated anywhere, even where electricity is not available. There are no cords to become tangled and a person will have nothing to trip over. Gas powered equipment usually provides more power than electric driven equipment as well. Less time will be needed to clean large areas.

Hose Length

This unit includes a 25 foot, 1/4 inch, plastic hose. This will supply plenty of hose to reach hard to reach areas with ease.


This Generac 6020 review must include the fact that it includes an easy to pull gun trigger. This lowers fatigue on the hand. There are three quick click nozzle tips included as well.


Length: 17 inches
Width: 27 inches
Height: 21 inches


This power washer weighs approximately 80 pounds, but is simple to move thanks to the welded frame with wheels. For a washer of its size, this weight is expected.

Additional Features

This Generac 6020 review must explain the added features of this unit. For example, the powerful 196cc OHV engine includes a low oil shutdown and integrate unloader valve for simple engine startup. The axial cam pump provides the highest level of heat dissipation for extended life. The two year limited warranty will assure peace of mind during purchase as well.


This pressure washer includes three extra nozzle tips in various degrees. A person may wish to buy metal connectors to avoid leakage as well. Finding a good cleaning solution will help a person thoroughly clean all types of surfaces.


Positive aspects of this pressure must be listed in this Generac 6020 review. To begin, there is a low oil shutdown feature on the engine. This means that engine damage will be prevented when levels become too low. As an added bonus, Generac includes the amount of necessary engine oil needed to start the device. Next, a person will easily be able to maneuver the machine. There are user friendly controls that are easy to access and understand. There is also a spray gun holder that keeps the gun securely in place during storage and transport. Finally, a spiral foot rest is on the machine to stabilize the unit while it is being started.


Although there are many positives associated with this pressure washer, it is important to mention some of the drawbacks. For instance, certain customers have expressed wishes for the unit to contain some type of detergent reservoir. Even though there is no attached holder for soap, the included nozzle is made to efficiently spray soap for extra cleaning. Another negative is that the machine is not carb compliant. This means that it cannot be sold in the state of California.

Generac 6020 Review

Consumer Ratings

This Generac 6020 power washer has received 4 out of 5 stars based on 28 customer reviews. This speaks to the machine’s durability and ability to properly clean large surfaces. Very few pressure washers achieve such high ratings.


Generac is a company that has earned a great reputation in the manufacturing industry. They produce high quality engines to run various outdoor machinery. They have long been known for their line of generators. They have now extended this quality and offer a line of pressure washers as well. The company has done great research and try to engineer products specifically to meet customer needs. This Generac 6020 pressure washer will provide an effective way to remove dirt from a deck, driveway, siding, or patio furniture. In the end, it will definitely make a worthwhile investment for any homeowner.

Generac 5991 Review

Nothing is out of the capabilities of the Generac 5991. This power washer has got massive potential thanks to its 3000 PSI output at 2.7 GPM that can be modulated using the Quick-Click nozzle tips it comes along with. You get a 25 degree, 40 degree, 15 degree, 0 degree and soaping tip with a long 30 foot hose. Together with the sturdy welded frame design, gun holster and built-in step for quick starting, there is everything a homesteader will want in a semi-pro model. One last thing, this pressure washer uses a powerful 212cc OHV Generac engine. It is protected by 2 year warranty.

Ease Of Use: 5/5

Switching spray nozzles or tips, attaching the wand, starting the massive engine, dragging it along bumpy terrain, power washing any kind of surface or stain, everything is mighty easy with this pressure washer. Honestly, this is the easiest pressure washer to handle in the market. Even assembly does not take more than a couple of minutes since it comes mostly preassembled. All you need to do is attach the handles to the main unit.

Packed with plenty of power, durable and long lasting design with portable upright positioning.

The massive engine is not properly muffled and so it makes a lot of noise. Also expect the washer to be slightly overpowered for some tasks.

Noise: 3/5

The only real complain I have against the Generac 5991 is the noise levels. The 2500 and 2700 PSI models are quite noisy but this is just phenomenal. It creates a really loud noise and standing too close to the washer in a confined space can literally deafen you for a few seconds. Having said that, I have given it 3 stars because of the subsequent power output.

Power: 5/5

3000 PSI at 2.7 GPM, what more can you ask for. This is probably the best semi-pro power washer in the market. I am even inclined to include this pressure washer in the professional range because of its construction and power. There is literally nothing that you cannot do with this washer. Want to decrease the power, use the white tip or the 40 degree and soap nozzle.

Application: 5/5
You will never have any issue trying to clean something. For less power the nozzle heads do the trick and for unadulterated power and pressure rely on the finer tips. There is sufficient pressure and regulation for any kind of task. The Generac 5991 does not suffer from power issues at all.

Durability: 5/5

Unlike other Generac pressure washers that have a few complains against reliability due to manufacturing defect, the 5991 is much more dependable. It is constructed from welded frame design, uses superior parts and lasts really long. Read any review anywhere on this particular model from Generac and you will instantly notice the great reception it gets.

Customer Support: 5/5

Okay so Generac isn’t the best in terms of customer support. However, with the 5991 you will never have to approach their customer support. The washer lasts really long with zero need for replacement parts. Even the hose and nozzle tips are all durable and well constructed. I am no fan of Generac customer support but rate this a 5/5 for this particular model because you never really have to call in for help within the 2 year warranty period.

Our Overall Rating:4.9/5

In short, the Generac 5991 is a powerhouse with loads of pressure, plenty of volume and immense dependability. There is literally nothing that it cannot achieve and considering the price it retails at, it is way cheaper than your average professional grade pressure washer. What you see is what you get with this pressure washer. In my opinion this is the best gas pressure washer in the market in terms of longevity and cost to performance ratio.

Features and SpecificationsVideo
  • OHV 212cc Generac engine at same leve with the pump for easy hose connections.
  • Perfectly balanced upright design makes it easy to move around.
  • Welded frame ensures durability.
  • 3000 PSI and 2.7 GPM output.
  • Quick access to oil indicator, shut-off and choke and fuel shut-off switches.

Simpson Megashot MSH3125-S Review

The Simpson Megashot MSH3125-S is being marketed as a pressure washer that is able to deliver maximum cleaning power with minimal investment. While it’s certainly able to deliver maximum cleaning power, we feel that it is a little on the expensive side, judging by its RRP of $600. However, if you can find if for approximately $400-450 then it’s well worth a look at.


The Simpson Megashot comes with 5 stainless-steel quick connect nozzles, including 0°, 15°, 25°, 40° & soap applicator nozzles; an ergonomically designed spray gun that features a decent amount of padding, thereby ensuring that you can work longer with less fatigue; as well as a robust trolley and frame design – 1 1/4″, 16 gauge steel tube frame & 12 gauge engine plate – and convenient integrated gun, hose, and wand hanger. The The MSH3125-S also features 10-inch premium pneumatic tires that roll along smoothly, even on uneven and hilly terrain.


The Simpson Megashot MSH3125-S runs on a Honda GC190 engine and therefore packs quite the punch. For example, it can deliver a maximum water pressure of 3100 PSI and a maximum water flow of 2.5 GPMM.

However, our favorite aspect is its ability to start on just its first pull virtually one hundred percent of the time. Furthermore, in the rare occurrence of a second pull being required it’s good to know that hardly any force is required to start up the engine.

It’s also worth noting that the fuel tank can hold up to 1.9 quarts of gas, which is a larger capacity than many other similarly priced pressure washers, and that the engine runs quietly when in operation.


The Simpson Megashot is backed by a 1-year overall, 2-year Honda engine, and 90-day Accessory warranty.


33 x 21 x 19 inches

85 pounds

Simpson Megashot MSH3125-S User Reviews

The majority of users seem to like the MSH3125-S and are happy with their purchase. A number of users really like just how easy it is to start up the machine, particularly as minimal force is required. While others think that the power ” is just remarkable,” especially when compared to 2600 PSI models. The fact that the fuel tank can hold plenty of gas is another widely cited benefit.

However, a few users found that their unit arrived with missing parts and that the “rubber thing that holds the five spray pattern nozzles, ” as one user puts it, is “worthless.”

Any Complaints?

There’s a couple of things to complain about. One is that Simpson’s customer service could be improved upon. To be fair to the company, it deals with any issues customers have experienced quite effectively but they can be quite slow in the process. The other is that there is a slight oil leak every now and again.

Anything Else You Should Know?

All you need to know is that, while the MSH3125-S isn’t without its problems, it is still a good choice if you’re looking for a powerful pressure washer – namely one that features a water pressure rating of 3100 PSI. While it’s not worth $600, if you can find it for $400-450 then it’s certainly something to consider.

Campbell Hausfeld PW1350 review

Bottom line

The Campbell Hausfeld PW1350 is widely considered a handy device for light-duty household jobs. If you’re tackling a large porch or deck with grime built up over years, reviewers say this is not the product for you. But if you want to save money by washing your car at home, or make cleaning outdoor furniture and barbeque grills a less aggravating chore, many say this 1350-psi, 1.3-gpm pressure washer would make a fine choice.


Effective on routine jobs. Reviewers say the Campbell Hausfeld PW1350 is perfect for light or seasonal cleaning. Many report effective results on cars, outdoor furniture and play equipment, and barbeque grills, and they say it removes pollen, algae and mold. One user comments that if you’re looking to clean an entire two-story home, “you will be disappointed,” but another says the benefit of this relatively low-power machine is “you won’t blast your deck to splinters.” Some owners report leaks or mechanical problems, but several others say they’ve used it for years with no major problems. It has a one-year warranty.


Nice features for a budget model. As Mike Aletich, product expert with, points out, the Campbell Hausfeld PW1350 is a “little guy” with “some nice features.” It has an automatic start-stop system that stops the engine when the trigger is released to reduce noise and help protect the motor. In addition, owners say they appreciate the 20-foot hose and 35-foot electric cord — generous lengths found on machines costing significantly more. The PW1350 has an adjustable fan lance, which allows you to change the spray pattern and intensity with a simple twist. It also comes with a detergent cup, nozzle-tip cleaner and swivel garden-hose adapter.

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Ease of use

Small, light and handy. Many reviewers say one of the best things the Campbell Hausfeld PW1350 has going for it is its small, handy design, and several note that it makes a great gift. At just 17 pounds, 17 inches in length and 11 inches in width, the model is widely considered easy to maneuver and convenient to store. “The whole thing fits in a large plastic storage tote,” comments one owner. In addition, users say that setup is a snap, and it takes no more than 10 minutes to get it up and working. We read no complaints at all about this model’s ease-of-use.