Canon EOS 5D Mark II Digital SLR Camera Review

Only three yrs after Canon defined a brand-new DSLR at around Aug 2005, two primary competitions produced the Sony DSLR-A9000 the Nikon D700. This is what saw Canon come up with the Canon EOS 5D Mark II, a camera designed aimed at jumping its forthright contenders, Nikon and Sony.

Here, I’m going to give you an in-depth Canon EOS Mark II review. The camera competes with the Nikon D700 in regards to resolution and the Sony DSLR-A900 in regards to features.

The Canon EOS 5D

Canon EOS 5D Mark II key elements and enhancements

  • Continuous photographing for up to 3.9 fps
  • 21 MP CMOS sensor
  • Auto ISO in between 100-3200 in all styles (except of the manual style).
  • JPEG / RAW selection made separately.
  • Supports either RAW / SRAW1 (10 MP) and SRAW2 (5 MP).
  • Automated LCD precision as well as illumination adjustment.
  • Includes two-mode soundless recording.
  • The digital camera has full audio support (in-built microphone, integral loudspeaker, audio-out over AV as well as microphone-in plug).
  • Photo developing features: Auto illumination optimizer (4 levels), highlight tone priority.
  • VGA H. 264 of 24 mins and 1080p H. 264 of 12 minutes per clip film recording.
  • High-resolution 3-inch LCD screen.

Pros of the Canon EOS 5D Mark II Camera.

  • Lightweight— the 5D Mark II camera is much lighter than Nikon’s D700, D3 and D3S. Anyone can easily carry the 5D Mark II camera all day with decreased fatigue.
  • Multi-task filming— using the 5D Mark II camera equipment, anyone have the ability to catch a variety of sorts of pictures. One could easily move attention out of one thing for another and nevertheless produce quality photos.
  • Premium battery— with the 5D Mark II digital camera, one will not need a backup battery. Using the photographic camera’s battery, one can get 1,000– 1,500 shots per single charge.
  • Effective LCD display— the LCD screen on this DSLR camera is the best ever LCD fitted on a canon single-lens reflex camera. For good contrast, the LCD possesses an anti-reflection layer.
  • Speed— the 5D Mark II digital SLR camera possesses an astonishing capacity to generate information. The camera flies at around 4FPS at complete resolution.
  • Auto ISO— even though programmable or not changeable, the Auto ISO is really more intelligent than that in Nikons.
  • Wireless and cable remote control.

Disadvantages of the Canon EOS 5D Mark II High-end camera.

  • Relatively low capturing velocities (continual at just 4 fps).
  • The SLR lacks a pop-up flash.
  • The digital camera’s housing isn’t really completely environmentally sealed off.
  • The 5D Mark II does not offer 100 percent coverage.

The above Canon EOS 5D Mark II Digital SLR Camera Review should be able to help you make a decision on whether to go for this camera or not.

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